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i' L
object had been and could only have been
the destruction of the Russian armies, or
at least of some large portion of the l
Russian armies. For this had it formed
over and over again its great salients. n
Each of these it had attempted to cut off
f so as to secure a decision, and every one of
T those attempts had failed until the last _
` and crowning failure at Vilna completed
1 the story. 1
Tnn SEi>ri·;iuimn. Ominivsivn.
Meanwhile, against the Western line
Where the Germans stood upon the defen-
· sive, there had been undertaken by the
French and British combined, a very .
vigorous offensive movement in Cham­ {
pagne and in Flanders. Two attacks
were undertaken conteinporaneeusly and ,
in co-ordination one with the other, and l
launched in the hope of breaking the
German defence in France and Belgium.
This attack in the West had been thus ,
delayed mainly on account of the desire ·
. to aceumulate as large a head of shell as T
possible before it should be delivered. To
have attacked much later when the
Weather would have changed and When Q