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16th of September the difliculty of that
l supply had begun to be felt. During the
I 17th, 18th and 19th, the Russian armies 1
t within the Vilna salient were retiring.
i They were destroying, with greater and
i greater ease upon their flank, with eaoh E
suoeeeding day, the now seattered rem-
nants of the cavalry to the north.
THE nmvm mits.
The enemy entered Vilna town upon the
18th, but he had lost his objective which Q
was not the town but the armies which had T
been grouped in its neighbourhood. A T
T great portion of our Press in England still
expressed anxiety for the fate of the r T
retiring Russian force. That anxiety was i.
ill-timed. The last of the great Austro- [
German strokes had failed, and before the
beginning of October the line of the enemy l
in the east was established preoisely where ,
it was to be found unohanged until the i
great offensive delivered upon its southern l
part by the Russians in the beginning of
. June in the present year. l
i A mivions eiimisn. E
Lord Kitchener put the matter sim- 1
ï ply and in words the aecuraey of whieh ,