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Which redueed almost to exhaustion the l
originally insufiieient equipment and T
1 munitionment of our Russian Ally.
That drive was undertaken, not for the
occupation of territory, but for the
destruction of the Russian armies. They
were saved, as we know, by the skill of the r
retreat, though only at the expense of 1
1 terrible losses in men and in instruments
of war, and at the expense, as I have said,
ä of exhaustion, especially in the munition-
ment • heavy pieees, the hardest of
er all to replace in a country imperfeetly
Q The Second Year of the War opened
Y with this attempt to impose a separate
peaee upon a defeated Russia in full swing.
E Already the line of the Vistula was reaehed
y and the eapital of Poland oeeupied. The
advance eontinued throughout August.
lt reached the line of the Great Marshes in
l the centre, entered Volhynia in the soutl1,
and in the north made its last supreme
1 (and much its greatest) eifort to arrive at
1 a decision before its energy should be spent
i and a change in the season should render
further operations impossible.
ii .