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Dnersron on THE MARNE. g
Roughly speaking, then, the Great War 1
has passed through these phases :
A First Phase in Which the victory of
Powers far more numerous i11 the Held 1,
than their opponents and enjoying the
advantage of surprise, was morally L:
assured. This First Phase was eoncluded
and tl1e ambitions of Prussia ruined in the l
iirst six weeks of hostilities by the Battle
of the Marne. Those who said that the Q;
Great Wa1‘ When it should break out
would be a short matter were wrong. j
1 But the idea underlying that judgment,
the idea that some decision would rapidly
determine what ultimate victory was to be
. was right.
mu nooivr or ruussm.
The Marne decided the course of the j
p War, shaped its destiny, moulded its ll
character. After the Mar11e the vast 1‘
resources Which Prussia could command, ”
her control of armies still enormously 2.
superior to her opponents and of 1
mechanical resources and provision in r
metal and every other requisite for war l
1 more striking still, were, in spite of that 1
. · 1
1 G