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How Long will lt Last? 5
the men to take no prisoners. None were taken,
and the reason Was obvious.
No F renchman imagines that he is lighting
· a war with a nation whose rival ambitions have
. produced a conflict. He is lighting with the
{ people who killed the little boy in Senlis, the
v little boy with a Wooden gun. This gun he
pointed at the German soldiers, and said,
" Bang l " Then he was shot. The Frenchman
is fighting with the people Who killed the women
in the cellar at Sommeilles, killed them by
shameful abuse. He is üghting the people Who
do certain things, he is lighting them because
they do these things. These things are ex-
pressed in international affairs by the invasion
of Belgium, but they are expressed in the ordi-
{2 nary material of human life by the trageolies
_ which have occurred in the little French villages
{ all over the North of France.
»? If one is to understand Why there is no talk
‘ of peace now and mighty little thought of it in
{ France or Great Britain (and a great deal less,
{ so one hears, in Russia), one must understand
{ the mental attitude of the French and the
" British. The things that the Germans did in
{ France are most of them unspeakable, some of