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4 How Long will il Last?
children who have been drowned by submarines
{ are very many. There is passion in the Briton’s
tone and manner frequently, though not always;
but this is only an incident. The real attitude *
tovvard the German thing is the attitude of a .
physician tovvard a cholera germ or a typhoid
germ. It is a thing that destroys human life; v
j it is a peril and must be disposed of. There is
no other way to dispose of it; no other treatment
{ than that of the rifle, the machine gun and the
{ high explosive.
In America we talk about the war and specu-
5 late and argue about it as if it vvere a War.
Nothing of the sort happens in France or in
Great Britain. Nothing of the sort happens in _
the case of Americans when they have seen What
the German thing has meant in the countries in
vvhich it has been expressed. To see Champagne _
{ or Lorraine is to put aside the discussion of {
those issues vvhich delight the historian alone. ç
Q, You go into a village and a story is told. The l
Germans took this village in August, 1914; some {
of it they burned; they took the Women {
{ prisoners, and in September, 1914, when the {
{ French soldiers fought their Way back, the "
{1 women leaned out of the windows and begged