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How Long will ll Last? 3
circumstance of war. But there are other vil-
lages, towns, any number of them, where the
toroh was applied to please the passion or the
* desire to destroy wantonly. Women were out-
raged, children were killed, utterly indesorib­
able defllements were visited upon persons and
· upon homes, and these things have passed into
the common knowledge of millions of French-
men, because the French armies have passed
this way and in places remain there.
* There is no anger in the French attitude,
il there is no bitterness of denunciation, there is no
outbreak of a desire for revenge-nothing of
Q ·the sort. The Frenohman takes you to these
il villages and shows you what has taken place;
E he narrates with reference to documents and
* official reports what was done in these towns.
They are p_art of the grim facts of his life;
he is no more angry with the Germans than he
‘ would be with a wild animal. But these things
1 are so; they are hard, palpable facts; this being
1 true, what can he do but go on?
It is different only in degree in England. In
i London you will see where women and children
have been murdered by Zeppelins; the same is
true in many British cities. The women and