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2 How Long will it Last?
The difliculty in understanding in America
why there is no prospect. of peace in Europe
this summer is found in the fact that
there has been no general appreciation in *
America of the real character of the con-
flict. No Frenchman, for example, regards
l the present struggle as a war in the ordi- -
nary sense. France is fighting Germany to-
day as one would fight a man-eating tiger, as
one would fight a wild animal; laying aside all
thought of adjusting difficulties by human “
speech. _
To understand this French point of view, and
it must be understood, it is necessary to go out
' to the regions of France where the German has
been, it is necessary to go to the villages and
. towns which were occupied by German soldiers *
‘ in the opening days of the war. It is necessary
Q to see and to hear what has been done there.
Go to Sermaize, go to Gerbeviller, go to any ‘
l town in the region between the Ornain and the 1
Forest of Argonne and see what the Germans, in
this instance the Bavarians, actually did. ’
F' In this region there is no question of the ordi- N
i nary destruction of war. There are villages
destroyed by shell fire, and this is a legitimate
l s
li `