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F OR the American returning from Europe
no question is more familiar than this : " How
long will it last? " However impossible the
question may be to answer, he is confronted
by it at every turn. What -makes any response
more diiïioult is that the same question was
, asked of him at every turn in Europe. In `
France, in England, the same wonder, the same
puzzle is to be found. There, as here, the pro-
1 bable duration of the war remains a matter on
‘ which few people have even a conjecture and
none a real conviction.
All this amounts to saying that the situation
‘ in France and Great Britain has undergone no
superficial change in the tvventy-one months that
• the Great War has endured. N either in London
nor in Paris does anyone seriously expect peace
at the end of any time that he cares to measure
by months or years. For France and for Great
[ Britain the issues of the war remain unsettled
as yet. What they undertook to defend remains
_ in danger; the principle that is in the heart of
the Frenchman, who sees more clearly than any
j of his allies, remains involved.