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E 14 How Long will il Last?
Q In so far as the opponents of Germany have
fought for spiritual values they have won their _i
y light; we are going on after this War from the
point at which oivilization rested in August, °ï
1914. The law of "the Sorap of Paper" has _,
nl not been established, although a million Ger-
gj mans have died to make it good. We are not
Y going to accept the German idea, we are not *
going to accept the German principle; it has not ’
worked; it has not brought profit to Germany,
but agony and misery. On the other hand, in so
far as the Allies, while lighting for spiritual G
values, have in addition adopted German ideas,
talked and thought in terms of conquests and
provinces, they, too, are likely to be disap-
pointed. This also is a vvholesome thing; it is _
the best thing that could be hoped for as a con- i
sequence of this World War.
J Pmmz tb arm Bram. g