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i How Long will it Last? 13
the true issue of the war is, the issue that means
ä to mankind enough to reoompense for the sacri-
fice. There is a growing readiness to dismiss
the question of colonies, of new places in the
sun, of commercial expansion. The Allies are
l coming back to the perception of the principle,
not the minor detail and the unessential and
selflsh circumstance. When Germany is ready
to go home, when she is ready to recognise that
the world is not amenable to her discipline or
her method, and that the elïort to apply it costs
approximately 200,000 casualties per month and '
earns only a debt of $5,000,000,000 per annum,
· then there will be peace.
T Oddly enough, however, it is hard not to feel
i that Germany is moving toward this end, mov-
‘? ing toward it while the Allies are putting aside
i what was never possible and hardly desirable-
­l their early impulse to destroy the Germany that
5 so cruelly and so brutally assailed them. The
German idea remains to be orushed, but it is
already something far different from the idea
that Bernhardi told his countrymen about a few
years ago. Every one of his major propositions
has been answered on a battlefield, and the
answer has been conclusive or nearly so.