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12 Hou: Long will it Last?
nations to live their own lives, and, above all, she '
must recognise that rape and arson and pillage I
are not agents by which it is possible to domi-
nate Europe or conquer nations.
In sum, there is no prospect of peace in _
Europe, but there is a plain evidence of the
clearing of the way for peace. The enemies of
A Germany, that is, the, nations which she
, attacked two years ago, have put aside most of
the foolish notion they had of conquering Ger-
l many or eliminating her from the rank of Great
Powers. This was the natural desire of those
who had suffered from the madness of the Ger- l
many of 1914. But it is a vanished idea. Quite Q
in the same way these same nations, all their .
peoples, have laid hands on the solid purpose for Y
Which they will light until they perish or con~
quer. The German thing must not endure; it 1
l must not live by gathering proiit in territories, 4 ·~
in provinces, in indemnity. It must be thrown ï
back bleeding across the German frontiers; un-
i less this happens there can be no real peace, and
ä all the previous sacrifices will have been vain.
l And in some fashion this change and clarify-
ing of purpose makes for ultimate peace. VVe
are beginning to perceive far more clearly what