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ä How Long will lt Last? 11
As far as France is concerned there is uni-
versal conviction that the War must go on
steadily and Without interruption for negotia-
tions until `Germany accepts the common
l humanity that has hitherto bound all mankind
i that believed itself civilised. "These things
have got to stop " ; this the Frenchman says, and
this the Englishman says. " These things " are
i not rumours, not imaginary vvrongs. Anyone
T Who vvants to know about the reality of " these
, things " can go to France and see for himself.
They are there and they Will be there for many
years to come; unmistakable, not to be destroyed
_ by casuistry or abolished by words. They are a
fact, the only fact in the World War to-day.
You will no longer find general or even con-
* siderable conviotion that Germany is to be "re-
built to suit the ideas of conquerors. No one _
» thinks of that. Germany’s right and capacity
ï"* to rebuild herself are recognised; she will be
master of her ovvn fate at the end of the war;
A ‘ she has proven this by a splendid military
achievement and internal solidarity that com-
mand general admiration. But she must go
home out of France and out of Belgium, out of
S Serbia; she must concede the right of other