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5 10 How Long will it Last?
of the War, this is the issue of the War. This
thing cannot exist if nations are to endure and
civilisation to continue. It cannot earn divi­
dends in territory or indemnities ; it must perish Y
or all else must perish. You can no more com- ’
ii promise with this idea than you can make i
friends With a rattlesnake. The thing is de-
structive of all that France and Britain love,
and if they do not banish it, all that they love i
Will die, as much has already-die by a shame- l
ful death. ;
France has lived amidst her ruins for tvventy
months; she has heard and she has seen. She
knows and so do her Allies. The things that _
Germans have done in Europe will be remem-
bered as those of Attila. It will become an
enduring memory, this German invasion, as that ’
of other barbarians that have come dovvn from
the north. There is no question of peace or I
War, no question of compromise or adjustment; ï’
either the Germans will go home or France vvill
die. But the desire to destroy Germany, the . ‘
belief that it is possible to destroy Germany-
this does not exist, and Where it did exist it has
been removed by what Germany has done in
recent months. S
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