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How Long will it Last? 9
would be an end of civilisation. There would
be an end of France, and the French know it.
ä The question of peace or war is purely and _
simply a question of the things that Germany
·? asserted at the outset and the things Germany
l did in the opening months of the war. These
{ shaped the whole mind and temper of Ger-
many’s enemies. These have prevented the
making of peace months ago. There is nothing
in material things that remains impossible to
settle, to adjust. France is indestructible, Ger-
many is a unit proven by a world war quite as
clearly as was France in the wars of the Revolu-
tion. The issues of the war are not difficult to
adjust-even the Alsace-Lorraine difliculty
á might yield to compromise-if there had been no
" atrocities, noburning, ravaging and violating.
‘ But if Americans are to understand the situa-
i I A tion in Europe to­day they must see it in the
ii VV light of the facts that are written all over
ii ·i_` France in language that cannot be mistaken.
They must see what the French soldier sees
` i every day, what the French woman knows, what
all French men and women know; they must see
; it in what all British soldiers on the Continent
see in Belgium and in France. This is the fact