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8 How Long will it Last? `
There is another question that is asked of the
’; returning traveller : " Do you still feel that the
A Allies are going to win?" No one can feel ä
otherwise either in Great Britain or France.
, No one can feel that there is any outcome of
; the war possible except the destruction of this
terrible German idea Which has brought the {
World to such agony. In fact, the thing that one
feels in Europe is that Germany has been
T beaten, that the German idea has been proven
F impossible, that it was proven impossible at
the Marne, and that Verdun is only a later con-
jg firmation of a fact already become absolute.
But if one asks, " Will the Allies Write their
terms of peace in Berlin? " that, again, is ap-
proximate nonsense. France, Belgium, Serbia
are going to emerge from this War as they began
y it, indestructible and safe. 'I`he nations and the *
i. peoples that are fighting Germany will not make _.
peace While there is any profit for Germany in ëä
what Germans have done in France or Belgium. li
If it could be proven proiitable to murder, to
destroy wantonly, Whether human life or human ‘ '
[iii habitation; to rob Women of their honour or
churches of their beauty; if terrorism and bru- i
tality could be demonstrated to pay, then there
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