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How Long will il Last? 7
. -next winter or next spring. Europe is terribly
weary of the blood-bath of the recent months.
But there is no prospect of German retirement,
M and there is not the smallest suggestion any-
. _ where that anyone will give over the fight until
' . the German danger is laid. Men are fighting
` for their children, that these children may not
V _ have to know what their fathers and their
_ mothers have known. They are bound to estab-
. V lish the essential fallacy of the German asser-
‘. . ` tion that power is everything, and that the weak
l have neither the right to exist if they be nations,
1 i _ _ nor to follow their own lives if they be indi-
" viduals.
[ It hascost Germany above a million lives to
_ ' ~ _ i invade Belgium and France. It has cost Ger-
. .­ many between three and four million casualties
' to burn Louvain and pluncler and ravage and
l » · outrage in France and Belgium. When the
l - Germans have learned that these things cannot
4 G be done, that they don’t pay, that their cost is
u. n beyond all possible profit, then there will be a
·· prospect of peace in Europe. Otherwise there
· L _ can be no prospect of peace save in consequence
* , of a German triumph. Germany must establish F
` herlgospel of lust and violence and terror in
- London and Paris or abandon it in Berlin.