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6 How Long will it Last?
them are just nauseatingly beastly, but many of .
» ïthem are savage and hideous. They express an
idea, they express a point of view, they express
a temporary or a permanent frame of mind in _ ‘. .
Germany. There is nothing to do while this · H V
point of view prevails in Germany but to fight; H '
ll that üght is not for provinces or power or profit,
it is a fight for existence, for the existence of ï . _
lï what is worth preserving in human life. ,
’ The F renchman feels that he is lighting for . V
? eivilization because there is written all over F . `
lj France the handiwork of the German. He sees l
it in the deiiled and ruined churches. What , S . _
'§§ was beautiful, tender, weak, in human form or "
in the architecture of his towns, has been ruined,
because there seems to be a certain wild joy in _ n ·
the German heart to destroy these things. If ”
t the German could get on into new regions he ‘
ly might do the same thing over again. He might ·_ »
make all France a desert, as he has made much l y ·
ik of it now. Why talk about peace, then? What {. n F
peace can you talk about with such a foe in the h.
E field? -
If the German goes back to his own country, t ·
l if the German lines rest on the German frontier, " i
then there may be a possibility of a talk of peace `
ll. .