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. A` A l 'J ‘ ­ _ ` r H T ’ ’ rr ··’-· x-------- -··­-­­-­­-­»­­­­.-Yra- .,.. - ..,,. _,.._ , _ __f_ f__V_Yi__
1 " i
l the 3rd of February to the Ambassador of the United States in The Hague, in . ‘
1 order to be forwarded to you.
The Ambassador informed us he was not able to send this telegram. _ ­
We are, Sir President,
l Your obedient servants.
¥ · _ Leo MEERT, ­
. By order of the Flemish Committee.
( (Hierbij, als bijlage, een afschrift van hetzelfde telegram als gevoegd was
bij den onder 1) afgedrukten brief). '
3 4.
1 Office of the President of the United States.
_ Paris, April 7th, 1919.
__ I My dear Sir:
l beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of March 15th and to say that
FI shall bring it to the attention of he President.
Sincerely yours,
‘ Confidential Secretary to the President.
Mr. Willem de Vreese, (
Flemish Committee in Holland, T
` . The Hague.
` ‘ 5.
(Telegram, verzonden den 30en Maart 1919).
Colonel House, Hötel Crillon, Paris.
. Private
Respectfully beg you forward following wirememo to President Wilson and
‘ acknowledge us receipt of it:
‘ According to fourth point your general principles, undersigned beg should be
brought before Council Four, the clearly expressed national wishes of Flemish
race, hoping our claims may fully be granted.
To any one who studied race question in Belgium, must be clear that unless
; the question finds its settlement now and at moment of conclusion of definitive
l peace, it will work havoc peace Europe and world at large. .
I For,Belgium is not formed out of one race only. Ever since tenth century
‘ what now called Belgium was split up two very distinct racial aerca’s Wallonia
‘ and Flandria; former inhabited by Walloons, roman race French as native
, language, latter teutonic race talking Flemish or Dutch. This division of the
1 two races has undergone only slight moderations till to-day: borderline between
1 ’
v ti E . i _ .