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Our Committee, voicing the interests of a population of over four million
people, expresses its confidence that alike with the Poles, the Yougo-Slavs, Q
p the people of Ukrajn, the Finns and the lrish, the Flemish people will see its g
future safeguarded by the Peace­conference on the basis of full autonomy '
within the Belgian State. No permanent peace will be possible in Belgium, l
unless our people shall have found absolute security, that it will no longer be ç.
governed, educated, tried in courts of justice or led in its army, in a language
i not its own, but in its old Dutch vernacular, and will be enabled to regain its Q
i ancient glorious civilisation, instead of being kept down under foreign influence. ,
The immense sacrifices of the Flemish peoplein this war - eighty percent of i
W the Belgian army on the Yser having been Flemish - give it a double claim
to the right of being made the master of its own destiny, and we appeal to you
l as the Defender of the World’s Right and justice to see this claim granted, ·_
§ which will be further sustained by an extensive memorandum to follow.
i · Legation of the United States of America.
The Hague, Netherlands, February Gth, 1919. ­
i Sirs:
; I have received your letter of February 3rd, 1919, enclosing a copy of a `
telegram which you inform me the Executive of the Flemish Committee in -
T Holland would like to see forwarded to President Wilson. You ask me whether
1 l will dispatch this telegram. l regret to inform you that I am not able to send
i this telegram.
` l am, Sirs,
i Your obedient servant, '
ï Messrs Willem de Vreese, Alfons Depla and Leo Meert, Vlaamsch Comiteit, ·
g Bilderdijkstraat, 2, The Hague. ·
A Flemish Committee in Holland. The Hague, March 15th 1919. _
. 1 annex. _ T
To Mr. Woooxïow Wrtson, President of the United States of .
America, Versailles -- Paris.
Sir, l
R We, the undersigned, forming the Executive of the Flemish Committee in ,
g Holland, beg to send you enclosed copy of a telegram w·hich we have handed on Q
ä E
1 I~
.2 ‘ ` I