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i L. S. _
X In zijn vergadering. van den 30en October 1918, te Brussel, heeft de
Raad van Vlaanderen een Vlaamsch Comité aangesteld om de activis-
tische werking te centraliseeren, het activistisch ideaal hoog te houden,
en de vervvezenlijking er van bij de aanstaande vredesonderhandelingen
X te bevord-eren.
` Uit de hieronder afgedrukte briefwisseling moge blijken welke pogin-
X . gen door dit Vlaamsch Comité werden in het werk gesteld om zich van
i die opdracht te kvvijten.
1. D
To the Ambassador of the United States of America.
_ The Hague, February 3d, 1919.
. We, the undersigned, forming the Executive of the Flemish Committee in
Holland, beg to hand you enclosed copy of a telegram, which we should like to
.. see forwarded to your Mr. President.
g We trust that you will see your way to dispatch it to President Wilson, but
in case that you should have any iobjection to do so, we should be muoh obliged
. if you kindly point out to us the safest way to ensure its reaching its goal.
Your obedient servant,
‘ By order of the Flemish Committee
. r (C<>1¤v>
­ To Woomzow W1LsoN, president of the United States of America.
¤ ”Dhe Committee of Defenseof the interests of the Flemish People living in
Belgium, begs to express its most heartfelt sympathy and admiration for your
unbroken effort to bring out permanent peace on the basis of a League of
I Nations and of ,,the free acceptance of any settlement by the people immediately
Q concerned, and not upon the basis of the material interest or advantage of any
K F other nation or people which may desire a different settlement for the sake of
its own exterior influence or mastery."