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1 .
` the liberty to announce its intention of forwarding to you a memorandum, setting
forth the wants and wishes of the Flemish people.
l A You have had the utmost kindness, Mr. President, to send a reply to that
communication on April 7th, which makes us hope that this memorandum, which
E is hereby submitted to you, will be accepted, and considered with that lively
· sympathy of yours for all oppressed nationalities.
t Our committee is happy to state that this memorandum has been conceived in
the spirit of the noble principles, enunciated by you in your famous points for
l the Peace of the World. ·
. lt was the same spirit as well as the principle of the convention of the Hague
of 1907 - duly undersigned by the Belgian Government ­-, it was the love for
l their own down­tro_dden Flemish people, which guided the men and women of
· the so­called ,,activist" movement pending the occupation of Belgium by the
enemy. ·
­ And yet they have been made and are daily being made the victims of an
I unheard of prosecution by that Belgian Government; unlawfully judged by
) E military judges; emprisoned for months without being even heard; discharged
from their offices; made penniless; sentenced to death or hard labor for 5 till
g · 20 years.
l lt is the hope of the Flemish nationalists that you may so far interest yourself
‘ i in the pitiful case of the oppressed Flemish and in the life­interests of the
' Flemish race - which together with its Northern brethern, the Dutch, laid the
E foundation of your powerful Republic -, as to cause an independant inquiry to
) be made into the Flemish question and the position of Flanders in Belgium, to
. make it an object of international debate on the occasion of the Peace­confe-
_ ä rence, and to satisfy yourself that the new order of things in Europe is incom-
S patible with a duration of the wilful oppression of that race within the Kingdom
1 of Belgium.
; _ lf you might decide to such a course, the Flemish People, recalled to a full
_ development of its great innate power, will owe you an everlasting debt of
J E gratitude, until the furthest generations.
We are, Mr. President, your very obedient servants.
i (w. s.) Prof. dr. WILLEM DE VREESE
" , Prof. dr. J. DE DECKER
* Dr. A. DEPLA
` _ J oz. VAN DEN BROECK, adv.
s e E H. MOMMAERTS, ing.
Prof. ing. F. BRULEZ
members of the Flemish Nationalist Committee,
The Hague.
k .