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‘ l `/Vitheut the centidcuce amd lfl‘l(‘H.(lRlll]) et the directers,
· he can neither take his place at their meetings tree frem
1 § restraint discuss with them matters 1·elatin<>· te the Welfare
’ h
1 et the establishment with cempesure, ner appear betere
‘ the custeniers with that satistactien and independence
b which is required te the preper diseharge ef his dutics.
" 3 Havimr wlaced him 111 the `)()Sll«l()]l et 1l1äNlïliO‘G1` ef the bank
i 27 D ’
it is their duty always te C()lllZO]]lPläLlJ() him in that ligght,
ï ­ h
I te res ect and cenfide in his e iiniens amd cenduct which
§ J
· in many cases l"1{`t1V(5 been fermed by leng years ef active
E t and ardueus em le ement 111 the 1"O`lzCSSl()1'1' and te sveak
_ , J
1 well et him among their friends amd acquaintainces.
’ ln the dewree ill Which the 1l1ïLIl2LO`CI‘ is 1’·es>ected and
s a> >
Well speken et by the directers, will respect amd eenfidcnce
‘ be extended te him and censecuentl r te the establishment
X J , J
F by the public, and a goed epinien entertained et their jiidg-
L ment and discerninent in his scleetien.
‘ The cenduct et the inanager eught te be characterised
a by great circumspectien and l`l])]"lg'lll]l1()SS. He eught,
‘ unquestienalily, in ·every instance, te be ehesen ter his busi-
è ness qualificatiens, amd net because he is :1. rich man, a gent-
‘ ~ leman a mam ef fashien er a man With 71.11 extensive
7 .7 _
[ f circle et friends. Te cheese him en acceunt et any ene et
‘ these qualiiicatiens, and net principally frem his practical
l experience ef banking, weuld _be similar te appeintiiig a
l man te the care and D1ü,l_l2l1O‘(‘1`[1O]liJ et a steam-en<>·ine Whe
F3 tn 7
B è knew nething et its mechanisin, ner the 11at11re et its
l .
I ä O]')Gl°ä`ti]1()H,l)lll3 was recemmended selely because he had a taste
fer travelling.
l Op een andere bladzijde vinden wij bij Gilbart: The
D X mana<rer et a bank ma be eentem ilated in three i1n vertant
i R') y T
[ ieints in his interceurse with the customers and the 1ublic·
l · ­ . . ,
’ with the directers; and with the suberdinate efhcers et a
’ bank. In each et these (l(‘I)ïll'l'C`|]1(‘NiTS he has important
‘ duties te ierterni. Ile must bc scru1uleusl‘ dilieent in
l 3 a»
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