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ïg ei ­
Q, Foreman on London and South-
Western Railway Killed in
Ei Trying to Save his Mate.
(Morning Post, January 21st, 1903), '
H l°£1ï12E§mïïï‘ïï裏ï;§ä2ï ïädyêïäïl ïN@ZïZma“ l“ the
,: rn Ra1lway, J
T lost his life on january 17th, 1903, at Twickemham, ?
_ in trying to rescue his mate, Thomas Harwood. ' T
m Harwood, assistant ganger, gave the following evidence L
El jl x at the inquest. He stated that he and Daniel Pemberton
were about twenty yards west of the West Signal Box. T
~ They were gauging the width of the rails in the four-foot
l way on the " up­line." Pemberton had hold of one Q
_ end of the gauge, and as he rose up he caught sight
· of a train coming up the line. He was facing the
engine and directly in its track. It was punctual to ~ i
its t1me,.but as Pemberton was only temporarily engaged 3
upon this work, he was not conversant with the hours .
at which all the trains passed. t
I When Pemberton first saw the engine it was only =
V three feet from where he stood. He called out to his
mate, " Look up," and gave Harwood a violent push ,
4 · T which knocked him over, but which just sent him out
l · of the track of the train.
y Pemberton was unable to escape, and was struck
down by the train. When Harwood got up he found i
him lying on the ground apparently dead. Harwood
W said that if Pemberton had not waited to push him off l
ig i' the line he might have saved his own life, but that he
êli (Harwood) would probably have been killed. g
Pemberton was killed on the spot. The Coroner
pig said it appeared to him that Daniel Pemberton had
[ïï , _ met his death in saving his mate.
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