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; TABLET 23.
I A Soldier Bumt to Death in
an Attempted Rescue.
(Daily Mail, january and, IQO3).
]0HN SLADE, a private in the 4th Battalion Roya.
Fusiliers, lost his life on December 26th, whilst en-
deavouring to rescue the inmates of a house in White-
house Street, Stepney.
The evidence given at the inquest showed that
Slade and his wife went to bed at midnight, leaving
a friend named Baxter, a private soldier, to sleep on
the couch in the parlour.
About 3 a.m. in the morning of the 26th they were
awakened by the sound of a lamp falling, and on rushing
l clownstairs found the parlour in flames.
‘ Slade dragged Baxter into the street, and then dashed
J back to save the others in the house. Shortly afterward,
Slade’s brother-in-law was seen to fall from a window,
and then ]ohn Slade himself was brought out on a
The Coroner remarked that Slade had lost his life
in a heroic effort to save his friends and relatives.