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V- TAB·1,12r 22.
H p Two Young Men Drowned
h Ԥ in an unavailing Attempt to
I Rescue Two Women.
­ (Beslan Post, August goth, rgoz. Yorkshire Post, August 28th, ngo:).
1 MARK TOMLINSON, aged 25 years, assistant in the City
t Asylum, Nottingham, and ARTHUR STRANGE, carman at
· Messrs. W. Whiteley’s, London, lost their lives on August
· 25th, 1902, in a brave attempt to rescue two young women
E from drowning, at Kirton Skeldyke, Lincolnshire.
T The sands, shifting with every' tide that comes in, are
Hé intersected with channels of varying width up which the
9 tide forces its way as it rolls up the coast.
On the date in question Mr. jabez Tomlinson, farmer,
with a party of friends, went to spend the afternoon 011
the marshes at Kirton Skeldyke. After a little while the
L party separated, two of the girls to paddle. Mr. Tomlinson
described what followed. He said, " The two young
women got hold of each other, and kept going on a little
farther, and a little farther, until they got up to the arm-
f holes, and at last they seemed to drop in a hole." The girls,
who had dressed themselves in old clothes for paddling,
had dropped into a deep creek or channel through which
the incoming tide was quickly moving. They were off
their feet in a second, struggling as if in a whirlpool. The
two young men went at once to the rescue, and tried their
hardest to reach the women, but in doing so the poor fellows
only met their own deaths. One of them seized hold of
i Strange, and in a few seconds all four went down. Tom-
linson and Strange behaved with remarkable heroism,
F encouraging the girls as much as they could whilst trying