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A Carman assisting and a Mother
Burnt to Death in Trying to Save
her Six little Children. ‘
(Daily Mail, April zxst, rgoz, T hc Sim., April 22nd, 1902. Pall Mall Gazelle
April zrst, IQOZ).
Amon MAUD DENMAN, aged 27, and ARTHUR Risssrous,
aged 2 5, carman, were burnt to death on April zoth, IQO2,
, l A in trying to rescue the six little children of the first-named
from a hre at 433 Hackney Road, Bethnal Green.
The house was a three·storey building with a shop
nl in front of it.
lj About midnight, Mr. Ernest Rogers was preparing to
close the shop, when in lifting one of the lamps out of the
l hanging socket to blow it out, he tilted it on one side.
T The flames at once shot up, and the heat forced Mr. Rogers
3, to drop the lamp, but the oil burst into flames. Seeing
that he was powerless to put out the lire, he ran to the
i shop door to call for help, and then rushed back to the
parlour calling to Mrs. Denman that the place was on fire,
and telling her to save the children.
ä Mrs. Denman could easily have escaped, but she would
· not leave her children, all of whom, with the exception
of the iniant she had in her arms, were asleep upstairs.
3 She implored Mr. Rogers to help her, and his efforts
were successful of saving the life of two, a little girl, aged
7, and a boy aged 4. He forced his way into the bedroom
and lifting up one child made his escape through a window
on to the leads over the shop, and ran along the Hat roofs
of the next few shops until a neighbour came and took the
l child from him. In the same way he rescued the second
child ; the poor mother in the smoke and darkness of the