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ä TABLET 19.
A Salesman Killed in Trying
5 to Save a Life at a Fire.
(Daily Mail, October 16th, [901),
]AMEs BANN1srER, aged 30, lost his life on October 14th,
d IQOI, in trying to save a linen draper’s assistant from
a iire.
g 3 The fire broke out in a draper’s shop adjoining Bow
`- Railway Station. james Bannister, who was employed
H _ï at some sale rooms opposite, rushed across to render
In Q assistance.
I The premises were burnt out, and it was at first
thought that no lives had been lost, but it was found
on the day following that there had been two victims,
Fa the one an assistant who " lived out," named Ludlow,
Q T and the other, ]. Bannister; and the position of the
bodies indicated that the latter was attempting to
rescue Ludlow when both were overcome by the smoke.