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TABLEr 17.
Three Men Perish in Trying
to Rescue a Comrade from
a Poisoned Well.
(july 1:th, rgorl.
` Gommnv MAULE Nrcnorsorï, aged 29, Gnonos Fmzoxanrcx
Eruorr, aged 35, and Romanr UNDERH1x.L, aged 2.;.
all lost their lives on july 12th, IQOI, when endeavouring
gi to rescue a comrade from a poisoned well. The accident
occurred at the Distillery of Messrs. j. and WV. Nicholson
jg & Co., Three Mills, Stratford.
On the 12th, Mr. Godfrey Nicholson gave directions that
the well was to be dipped to ascertain if it would be worth
g, while to pump it. A man named Pickett with Dawkins.
E the yard foreman, and a third workrnan named Barber,
went to the well, taking a ladder and a long rod. The
E manhole cover was lifted and the ladder had been put down
j when Mr. G. Nicholson reached the well. Pickett descended,
took the depth of the water and came up and handed the
rod to Dawkins. Pickett then fell backwards, and Mr.
Nicholson at once went down the well. He got hold
g of Pickett and was coming up with him when he, too, fell
An alarm was raised, and Barber, an elderly man, con-
cluded that there was gas in the well, and cautioned others
not to go down. Elliott, however, said he was used to
gas, and would go down, which he did, but was also over-
come, as well as Underhill, who bravely followed him.
· A fiith man, job Banning, a joiner had a rope fastened
. round him, and he went down to rescue the others, but
he only managed to hitch a rope round one of the bodies
g when he became insensible, and he was at once pulled back.
Other men were eager to rush in the deadly pit, and the
resident manager had the greatest diificulty in restraining
f.= them. The {ate of the four poor fellows in the well was
'j now sealed, and all were dead when the air had been pumped
-, in, and a firernan was able to descend in one of the new
g smoke helmets.