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g TABLET 15. §
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Attempted Rescue of
Q Girls from Drowning.
if (Ll0yd’s Weekly, February 10th, 1895).
EDWARD BLAKE was drowned on February 5th, 1895,
in the Welsh Harp Waters at Hendon.
Some girls had ventured on the frozen surface of the
lake between the eastern side of Edgware Road and
‘ the Midland Railway Viaduct, where the ice broke,
immersing two of them. In his efforts to rescue the
two girls, Blake was drowned in sight of his brother,
who succeeded in saving the girls.

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A Boy of Ten Tries to Save "
Ii A his Friend from Drowning.
V 1 E (LZ0yd’s Weekly, August 8th, 1897).
EDWARD Moizms, 10, went to bathe on August 2nd, *
1%; i 1897, in the Grand junction Canal with a lad named
;* Moody. Both boys could swim, but Moody becoming "
exhausted, Morris went to his assistance. Q.
His efforts to help Moody were rendered unavailing F.
il by the latter clutching him, and so impeding his move- Q;
if ments, and both were drowned.
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