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A Bargeman Drowned
i in Saving a Boy.
g (Times, April 24th, 1887).
SAMUEL LOWDELL, bargeman, lost his life in saving
jä a boy from drowning at Blackfriars on February 25th,
‘ I887.
i Lowdell’s death was caused b his bein encumbered
with his clothes ; it was the third life that he had saved.
A testirnonial on parchment, with an award of money
was given to the widow by the Committee of the Royal
H Humane Society.
A Medical Man’s
(Times, October 16th, 1893).
WILLIAM FREER LUcAs, M.R.C.S., LL.D., of Middlesex
{ Hospital, lost his life on October 8th, 1893, in sad and
L touching circumstances.
; A child in the Hospital was lying at death’s door
` with diphtheria, and the only possible way of giving
it a chance of life was by performing the operation
of tracheotomy. It was decided to use chloroform,
` and Mr. Lucas was the administrator. During the
Q inhalation some mucus from the patient’s throat was
thrown on Mr. Lucas’ face. The virulent poison
F, infected Mr. Lucas’ system. He became an in­patient
at the Hospital, and died from diphtheria contracted
from the patient whose life he was trying to save.
Mr. Lucas was twenty-three years of age at the time
of his death.