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A Man Loses his Life in a Fire
Trying to Save an old Lady. l
(Times, December 6th, r886).
GEORGE FREDERICK SIMONDS, aged 46, a general
’i dealer, of Prebend Street, Islington, lost his life on
December 1st, 1:886, in an endeavour to effect a rescue
, at a fire which occurred at St. Peter’s Street, Islington.
{Q The evidence at the inquest showed that there was
_, an alarm of fire at the residence of an aged widow
named Corke, a friend of the deceased, and that the
gg latter rushed in amid the fire and smoke to save the
old lady, who however, had got out at the back.
Simonds being himself overpowered by the smoke, `
l" tried to esca e b a window, when he missed his footin
_, P Y g V
Q on a cistern and fell into the yard beneath-a depth V,
of about eighteen feet. _
UZ He was icked u insensible, and death took lace Q,
Q P P P ,
gg; two hours subsequently.
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