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A Lad, aged Nine­and­a­Half, Run
Over in Trying to Save his little Brother.
(Times, july 17th, 1886. Ll0yd’s, july 18th, 1886).
/VILLIAM FISHER, aged gà, lost his life on ]uly rzth,
r 1886, in trying to save his little brother, aged zg, from
y being run over.
The two brothers were in the Rodney Road, Wal-
, worth, when the younger ran from the kerb into the
roadway just as a horse and van were coming along.
William, seeing the danger his brother was in, rushed
after him and seized him by the shoulder to pull him
out of the way of the van, when the shaft struck him
and caused them both to swerve round and fall together.
The front wheel passed over both the children
before the driver could pull up. The younger boy
was first extricated, and then William, whose thought
even at that moment was for his brother’s safety.
Both the lads were conveyed to the hospital, where
{ the elder was pronounced to be dead, but the younger
t lived until the 14th.