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· TABLET ro.
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Labourer Drowned whilst Helping V
to Save Life in an Ice Accident.

(l`iMz:s, january 16th, 1885, Ll0yd's, February tst, 1885).
J i THOMAS S1MPsoN, 45, a labourer, lost his life while ‘
helping to rescue people from drowning in the following
p sad accident. , g
Z; Shortly after 5 p.m. on the 25th january, I885,
about 5oo people were skating on what is known
ii as the second of the Highgate Seven Ponds, when
a large portion of the ice gave way. Some persons
if were immersed in the water, but nearly all were rescued. F
F, All _ _ Y ,A
Simpson, who was in the employment of Mr. Ward,
.s a farmer, who rented the Pond Fields, gave most
valuable assistance in rescuing several of the others, ig
ig: but as he was stooping to pull a man out, the ice on
which he was standing gave way, and in a moment he
e had disappeared below the water. With the aid of
drags he was recovered, but he expired in a few moments.
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