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A Compositor Drowned in Trying
`T to Save a young Woman.
ll (Times, September 8th, 1883).
ERNEST BENNING, aged 22, a compositor in the em-
ployment of Messrs. Spottiswoode & Co., was drowned
on August 25th, 1883, in his efforts to save a young
{ woman’s life.
· Benning, with two other young men named Palmer
and Brooks, and a young woman named Jeanette
Simmonds, hired a boat at Waterloo Bridge and rowed
to Kew. They left Kew at 7 p.m., and arrived off
Pimlico Pier at 9 p.m., the night being very dark, and
the tide high, though ebbing. Here they suddenly
i came into collision with the paddle steamer, Wedding
Ring, the boat was injured, and its occupants thrown
t into the water. Only Palmer was able to swim, and
he and Brooks were rescued by passing boats.
Benning, who at the time of the collision was steering,
‘* was seen, while in the water, to be grasping an oar
p, with one hand and endeavotuing to support Miss
Qi Simmonds with the other. He sank just at the moment
when the girl was safely hauled into a boat.