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A Gardener Killed in Trying
to Save a Man from being
Crushed by an Engine.
l (I.l0yd’s, September 29th, 1878).
JAMES HEwERs, a gardener, lost his life on September T
24th, 1878, at Richmond, in trying to save the life g
im of a man who was in danger of being crushed by an
äïïl engine. J
Shortly after II a.m. on the 24th, a young man who
was slightly inebriated, fell under a passing train, i
Q and Hewers, in endeavouring to rescue him, was fatally I
injured. i
J· Both men were taken to the Richmond Inf1rmary•
where they died on the day of the accident.
A Lad Drowned while Trying
l to Rescue a Friend. _
(Ll0yd's, September 12th, 1880).
GEoReE BLENCOWE, aged T6, lost his life in the river pl
ghi Lea, on September 6th, 1880, while trying to rescue
a friend who had gone into the water, but on reaching
the middle of the stream found that he was unable {
to get back.
» The boy screamed for help, and Blencowe jumped
into the river to help him, but was unsuccessful, and
ig. both were drowned.
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