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Lad Drowned in Trying to
Save his Brother.
’ (Times, May zgth, 1878. LZ0yd’s, june znd, 1578).
. HARRY SISLEY, aged IO, the son of a cabman living
at Kilburn, was drowned on May 24th, 1878, in trying
to rescue his brother Frank, aged 12.
E After leaving school on the 24th, they and two other
H boys named Pye and Webb, went to a piece of water
H in some iields near at hand, and the two Sisleys got
" on a raft there. Frank lost his balance and fell in-
" Harry then jumped in to try and save him, and they
both went down together.
Pye was getting Frank out, when the latter grasped
Harry, and soon after both disappeared.
Efforts were made on the recovery of the bodies
to restore animation, but without avail.