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ï= Railway Inspector Killed in
Saving the Life of a Lunatic.
(Times, January 14th and 16th, 1878. LZOy:Z’s, January 13th, :878).
FREDERICK ALFRED Cnoirr, aged 31, lost his life on
January 11ïth, 1878, at the Woolwich Arsenal Station
on the North Kent Railway under the following cir-
_; V, cumstances, .
jj Among the passengers assembled on the down plat-
f form were the relieving officer for East Woolwich,
and a woman he was in charge of for removal to Barming
é Heath Lunatic Asylum, together with an attendant. j
On the approach of the train the woman broke away E
, from the person who had hold of her, and jurnped off j
p the platform on to the line. Croft, who was close at
‘ hand, instantly followed the woman, and succeeded _,
in placing her again on the platform, an operation which
jj occupied more time than he calculated, for before he
could himself regain the platform the train came in
and knocked him down, the engine and several of the
Carriages passing over him. When picked up, he was
so injured that he died a few hours after. Croft was
very greatly respected. He had been employed as
a spare guard, having only just been appointed Inspector.
He left a wife and two young children. The coroner’s
; jury returned a verdict of " Killed in attempting to j
save the life of a lunatic." {
ï j