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X A Railway Clerk Drowned in
Trying to Save his Friend.
E (Times, july zoth, r876. IJoyd’s, July 23rd, 1876).
I WILLIAM Pmzcï DONALD, aged 19, of 1, Askew Crescent,
T Uxbridge Road, Bayswater, was drowned on july 16th,
` 1876, while trying to save his cousin, T. P. Yull.
· The two young men went to visit a relative, a Mr. Clay,
‘ a farmer, living at Old Ford, and it was proposed that
they should go to the Lea to give Yull’s dog a bath.
l Clay accompanied them to the end of his land, which
Y abutted on the river. They suggested that a swim
;* would do them good. Mr. Clay endeavoured to dissuade
them, as the weeds made bathing very dangerous.
i The deceased, however, being excellent swimmers,
H overcame his objections, and went in.
[ The dog impeding them, they both went on to the
tow path, and Donald held the dog while Yull entered
the water again. In the middle of the stream the
latter was suddenly sucked down by th.e weeds. Donald
swam to his rescue, but also became entangled in the
K weeds. Mr. Clay plunged in to his rescue, but finding
i the weeds too much with his clothes on, and thinking
that, hampered as he was, he should certainly be
drowned, he came ashore again to undress. Before he
could get his clothes off or obtain assistance the deceased
were drowned, and the bodies were not recovered for
some time.