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ëïx TABLET 3. y
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A Gcntleman Loses his Life
in Rescuing a Child. (
ii (Times, August 4th, 1874. l.l0yd’s, August 2nd, 1874), ‘
· ‘= EDWARD EMERY, a ed 21, of 2 2, Kin ’s Road, Chelsea,
W s 7 g
5* was drowned OH july 31st, 1874, in attempting to rescue l
a child. i
Evidence at the inquest showed that a child was V
üshing or playing on the embankment, near Millbank, "
when he lost his balance and fell into the river. t
y Mr. Emery, who was 0n a steamer passing at the
time, instantly jumped into the water to rescue him,
but was carried away by the tide and drowned. t
Q i A gentleman who was 0n the boat saved the child.
The verdict was " Accidentally drowned while
attempting to save the life of a fell0w­creature."
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