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u Sister Burnt to Death in Attempt to
Warn her Brothers and Sisters of Fire.
(Lloyzïs Weekly, October zgth, !871),
AMEL1A KENNEDY, aged rg years, lost her life on October
S 18th, 1871, whilst attempting to Warn her sister of
a fire which had broken out at their house, Nos. 1 and 2
. Edward’s Lane, Church Street, Stoke Newington.
The fire was discovered about 3.45 a.m., and it
lj originated in the basement of the house which was
.; used as a laundry.
Q, Directly the alarm of fire was given, Amelia Kennedy
j ran through the passage which connected the two
^‘ houses to rouse her two brothers who slept there. She
L then ran back to help her sister, whom she supposed
[ to be still in the house, though it was afterwards dis-
` covered that she had escaped, together with the other
members of the family.
` Amelia Kennedy lost her life as the result of the
i brave effort to warn her sister, and her remains were
found later inside the back door.