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ll! ’

Q 1». vé
i " E
Y . . fl
ladder, and breaking away the network, he fell to the
ground, but with such force as to double up his helmet, Q
the brass inilicting a dangerous wound upon his head.
,j' lg The flames about his burning clothes were soon extin- Q
§;=)g!‘ guished, and he was removed in a pitiable condition to I
Evi the Royal Free Hospital, where he died in a few hours. V?
Ford was about thirty years of age, and he left a widow .
ê§?Q and two children. ‘
iii, He was accorded a public funeral, and provision was
made for his widow and children by the Fire Brigade
I and the Court of the Common Council.
VVhy glints the autumn sun on glittering helms ?
lj ?Vhy the Dead March, with its funeral beat ?
Vv’hy this vast crowd whose silence overwhelms
I, The roaring of the street ? .
¤l‘* The marching column has a martial air `
gïg Its tramp is timed like tread of well-trained troop ;
§ï Is it some famous Captain that they bear I
J, To where the dark yews droop ?
A common man !-a fireman E-what, no more ?
'Vhy tears? Why sobs? Why grief on every face,
, As though it were some hero that ye bore ,;
To his last resting-place ? i
lag; Not always true, are purest laurels won ‘ï
Amid red carnage in fierce battle’s strife, ­
gy§rï’ But earned by humble duty, bravely done, ,;
In saving human life!
R2; .
V This was a hero! Yet he never strove ·
g To win distinction for his simple name, (
Q His way through flame and stifling smoke he clove 3
ill For duty-not for fame!
Vith sin le ur ose acted he his art,
Y, S P P P
,! ; Conscious of living in his Master’s ken ; -
iêg And well the lesson had he learnt by heart ,
jgfvf Of Him who died for men. ­
fl Y ’Twas so he died ! From out a fiery grave
l He snatched the lielpless, weak with wild despairs
{Y Then in his wonted work’s performance, gave-
gi. Freely-his life for theirs!
{ I 'ï
Before that plain deal coffin, bow the head ! k
K` I That land’s secure which may such heroes boast ;
ly Vrite Joseph Ford among the honoured dead, ,
,5 Vhom England prizes most! I