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(Left­ha.nd Tablet of the Lower Row).
Firemau Killed from Injuries
Received in a Fire at which
he Saved Six Lives.
g (Times, October gth, 187t).
E ]osEPH ANDREW Foizn, a member of the Metropolitan
Fire Brigade, died from the injuries he received at a fire
1 in the Gray’s Inn Road, on October 7th, 1871, in which
­~ he saved the lives of six persons.
Early in the morning a fire broke out at the premises
of Mr. Brown, chemist. Ford, who had charge of the
Fire Escape at Holborn, was soon on the spot with his
machine. The flames had then obtained a considerable
hold on the house, and the inmates were imploring help.
, `V Planting his escape against the windows, Ford ascended
1* to the level of one of the upper lloors, and with the assist­
ance of Police Constable George Carter, succeeded in
bringing five people through a window and conveying
{ them safely to the ground. This done, frantic cries for
ä help from a woman were heard proceeding from the same
Q window, upon which Ford again climbed up the escape.
He had reached the woman, and was bringing her down
the escape, when a burst of flames rushed from a 1lrst­
floor window and set üre to the canvas shoot of the machine,
enveloping Ford and his charge. In this extremity he
ä was obliged to let the woman drop, as he was unable to
support her any longer. She fell to the ground, but without
_, sustaining any serious injury. Ford was not so fortunate.
The canvas of the escape was all in flames, and in trying
to make his way down, he became entangled in the wire
e network, where he was seen struggling to free himself:
the fire, it was said, actually roasting him alive. By a
desperate effort he managed to strain the rounds of the
' 3