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ë TABLET 23.
A Boy, aged Eight, Loses his Life
in Rescuing his Sister of Three
from being Burnt 1:0 Death.
i (Times, January 10th, ISQI.)
HENRY ]AMEs Biusrow, aged 8, died on january 5th,
1891, from injuries he received on December 30th, in
saving his little sister, aged three, from being burnt to
’ The boy was left alone with his sister in a room
J while their mother went on an errand.
The little girl climbed on a chair to reach a small
paraffin lamp, which hung over the mantelpiece, and ~
in doing so upset it. Her clothes caught fire, and her
brother tore them off and laid her on the bed, but as
he was lifting her his own clothes ignited, and it took
E him a long time to get them off. He, however, managed
to do so, but not before he was terribly burned.
When his mother returned, a doctor was at once
called in, who advised the child being taken to a hospital.
He only lived a few days, succumbing to his injuries
" and the severe shock on january 5th, 1891.
Q The Coroner said that the little fellow was quite a hero.
ë H. ]. Bristow was the son of a cabinet maker at
Walthamstow. The little girl completely recovered.