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l! l
ii ,¢
‘; li
ij A Police Constable Loses his Life
ii in an Attemptecl Rescue from Fire.
T/ii (Times, May zst and 4th, I893·)
l' i Q
l RoB1:R1‘ WR1c1»11·, police constable, aged 27, lost his life
§i,§ on April goth, 1893,, in an attempted rescue at a fire on y.
li the premises of H. Bennett, Oil and Colour Stores, North
; End, Croydon.
jj The fire broke out at 1 a.m., and the alarm was given
l by P.C. Bond, who sent a message to the fire brigade, and
i f`, with two other constables, Robert Wright and Barrett,
T passed quickly through a shop, two doors from the burning ,
‘ premises and so reached the rear of the building. They
i" forced open a cellar door and promptly rolled out two
, barrels of paraffin. _i`
§ They had hardly done so when the cry was raised " There’s
hij a woman in the house! " The two men re-entered the ;
building, went up a back staircase, and had reached the g
back parlour when a cask of petroleum left in the cellar
E; exploded, and overpowering fumes obliged them to retreat
[C to the window.
ii P.C. Burt who had arrived, seeing his comrade’s danger, `
shouted to Barrett to jump from the window into the
E { backyard ; Barrett did so, and sustained an injury to the
head and a severe shock to the system. He was insensible
{ AV' at first, but on recovering a little he said, " Go and save E
, Wright.), >=
Burt called to Wright, telling him to jump for his life,
Y but a moment or two later the unfortunate officer dis-
; appeared in the flames. By this time the Corporation Fire
lj Brigade was playing on the fire, and orders were given
Li? vgl for water to be poured into the room in which Wright
w _. was last seen.
jh When the fire was sufficiently extinguished to allow f
lj an entrance to be made, Wright was found on the floor `
_ in front of the window, with his hands and face much
hp scorched. He died from suffocation. It was not until P
je kl Wright’s body had been discovered that it was found that
` the report of there being a woman in the house was untrue.
'% U The premises had been left unoccupied. ”
Iv ir