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i A Pantomime Actress Burned while
‘ Trying to Rescue her Friend.
(Times, january 26th, 27th, 29th, and goth, r863.)
Miss SARAH SMITH, pantomime artiste, lost her life as the
result of terrible injuries from burns sustained on january
25th, 1863, when attempting to extinguish the flames
which had caught the dress of her companion during the
transformation scene at the Princess’s Theatre.
On the evening of the 25th while the transforrnation
scene of the pantomirne was proceeding, the clothes of one
of the actresses, a Mrs. Perkins, caught fire. Miss Sarah
' Smith, on seeing her companion’s danger, immediately
ran to her and tried to put out the flames, but her own
inflammable skirts were soon in a blaze, and in a few mo-
ments during which this second calamity was unnoticed,
she became completely enveloped and had every scrap
of drapery burnt off her body. Several other persons
rendered assistance, and the ürc was eventually put out, and
` both Miss Smith and Mrs. Perkins were taken to the Middle-
sex Hospital. On a medical examination being made,
it was found that though Mrs. Perkins’ injuries were very
painful, they were not dangerous, but Miss Smith’s condition
was practically hopeless. It was hardly credible that
life could be still sustained in a frame burnt and charred,
as the poor soul’s was, to positive blackness.
The patients were placed side by side in the accident
. ward, where Mrs. Perkins was able to give a full statement
of the accident. She gave full honour to the heroic self-
` forgetfulness of the companion, who, almost certain of her
own fate, flew to help.
Miss Smith presented a most piteous appearance, and
she died after much suffering, at 4.45 p.m., on january