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A Boy of Ten Drowned in Trying r
ii `ij to Save his Companion. V
joHN CLrNroN, aged ro, was drowned on july 18th,
1894, when trying to save a companion younger than
" himself.
,i g Clinton was playing on the foreshore of the river
near London Bridge with another boy named Campbell
pi ” Mortimer had waded beyond his depth and Clinton,
;, seeing his danger, went to his rescue, and succeeded in
l M bringing him to shore. While climbing out, however, Y
_ Clinton slipped and fell back into the water, where he
ig sank and did not come to the surface. A number
ïg of people were passing over London Bridge at the time,
but no one was sufficiently near to attempt to save the
boy, and he was drowned.
gj Not long before, john Clinton had saved his baby
i ` brother from being burned to death. The child had set
fire to his clothes while playing with some matches, and
ä john, seeing the peril his brother was in, seized him at
. once and, by rolling him in the carpet, extinguished
l the flames.
He also pulled down the curtains, which had become
, ignited and prevented the woodwork from being fired.
Vi The lad bore a most excellent character with his teachers. .
W L At his funeral a wreath was sent by the child he had X.
Y rescued bearing the words " He saved me." Another
came from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, and a third
gt from the Board School teachers.
E; john Clinton was the son of a carman at Walworth.
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