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Clerk Drovvncd in ’
i Saving Life.
li X
]oHN C. CAMBRIDGE, aged 23, clerk in the London
`i ‘i County Council, was drowned near Ostend, 8th August,
IQOI, while saving the life of a stranger and a foreigner.
il il When bathing from the beach with his brother and
i sisters, he heard cries from a lady and gentleman further
out to sea. Knowing the danger of the current he
P started to swim to their help, while the others sum- ‘
Qi ,., moned a boat. Cambridge reached and aided the
lady, but when the boat came and rescued her, nothing
, could be seen of him and his body was subsequently
recovered and interred at Ostend.
Cambridge was a man endowed with the gift of
iv sympathy; firm in his own opinion of what was right,
ix he did not bore others with that opinion. The joy of
i living was strong within him; the simplest pleasures
i; sufiiced for a life full of sunshine. One could not be
,§ long in his company without being made more alive to
g the things of real worth and beauty everywhere within
bg; one’s grasp. In the service of others he found his
i happiness. Probably the manner of his death would
most impress those who did not know him ; his friends °
feel that it would be easier to die as he died, than to
live as he lived.