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The crowd called to Alice to jump or it would be too late,
5 but instead of doing so, she brought the eldest child and
dropped her carefully on the bed. She then brought the
iv ·second and did likewise. A third time the brave girl came,
I gasping for breath in the choking smoke of the inflammable
material burning below ; this time she had the baby in her
, arms.
As the child was dropped, Alice nearly fainted, and she
l was seen standing in the window, a background of flames
behind her. The crowd again implored her to jump, but,
dazed and enfeebled, she missed her leap and struck against
Y some railings and fell unconscious. She lingered for two
g days, and was able to relate all that had happened, but
died in Guy’s Hospital, on the 26th, from dislocation of
the spine.
The funeral took place at Isleworth cemetery, and the
coffin was carried by sixteen firemen who relieved each
other in sets of four. A rnemorial was erected in the
cemetery to commemorate her " Noble act of unselfish
courage," the cost being defrayed by public subscription.