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Tl E
’ (
Alice Ayres, a young servant,
4 Sacritices her Life in an Heroic
Attempt 1:0 Save the Children I
in her charge. I ’
ff ‘ " And who was Alice Ayres? you ask.
A household drudge, who slaved all day,
rg gg «Vhose ioyless years were one long task,
Hè gg On stinted food and scanty pay ; .
" But neitheräähunger, toil, nor care, T
g Could e’er a selfish thought instil, ‘
Or quench a spirit born to dare,
il Or freeze that English heart and will."
p Aucie AYRES, aged 26, a general servant, in the employ-
bi ment of a Mr. Chandler, a shopkeeper in Union Street,
gi Borough, lost her life on April 26th, 1885, as the result
of the injuries she received on the 24th, in rescuing her
E2 master’s children from a fire. _
’ At 2 a.m. a passer-by saw flames issuing from the shop
Q; _ shutters and raised an alarm. The cries roused Alice, `
who slept in a room in the front of the house with the
l three younger children.
" She at once ran, with the baby in her arms and leading
V the other two children, to wake her master and mistress,
and, having done so, hastened back, with the children,
N to her room, and threw open the window. .
{ By this time the fire had spread rapidly and the shop
l was a mass of flames. Seeing that the only way of escape J
p was by the window, Alice at first tried to lower the children
$ l by means of sheets tied together, but, Ending this would
not do, she dragged a feather bed to the window e" d threw
L it into the street, where willing hands seized it and held
i it out.